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  • Hunter Garrett

    New wardrobe for Kitty?

    • KiTA

      It’s a mathematical rule of the Ryugou universe. As T (time) goes to Infinity c (Kitty’s clothing) approaches 0.

      As an aside, anyone notice that Tasha’s eyes are… strikingly different? That cat has seen some shit.

      • hayakain

        Tasha is just trying to look cute 😀

        • Dibowac13


  • Dmitri Brutus (db1993)

    Wow, nice cover. Hope that Tasha will join Teo and Kitty team

  • Alex Dixon

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fanservice!!!!!!!!!

  • TheLulzyHunter

    Looking forward to what happens in the chapter. 🙂

  • Anthony Delarosa

    Best…chapter…cover…art…EVER!!! 😀

    • Anthony Delarosa

      Can’t wait for the new chapter! Hayakain, *bows* you are the best artist and story maker ever! Your like a god… O_O

      • Anthony Delarosa

        I bet this what your doing right now.

        • hayakain

          I AM in fact! lol

          • Anthony Delarosa

            Awesome. 🙂

        • Dibowac13

          Lol ice pikachu

      • hayakain

        No I have a long way to go 😀 I am but a simple comic maker. Stick around 😀

  • Shadowkey392

    Yeeeheeheee! Scantily clad cute girls! ?

  • Cane Jackson

    amazing cover nice job

  • KeyBlade_Master

    This is my favorite cover for the comic. 🙂