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Far away from the solemn Warrior’s Temple, a tall man enters a tavern…

Hey guys, sorry, I got super art blocked again, and then got super sick, so this is WAY late. But now I have Sai 2 and it’s really upped my quality, so I hope you guys stick around 😀 Thanks for your patience!


  • Alex Warlorn

    I wonder what conversation options, side quests, storylines, would open up with each of the characters/NPCs here. There are 10 characters here. I wonder what they’d say. As a RPG nut, I’d be eager to talk to each one in turn.

    • hayakain

      That’s an interesting thought! They all live their own lives! If only I had the ability to make such a game 😀

  • Cane Jackson

    Nicole is that you? X3

    • hayakain

      haha it’s a Nicole lookalike, with some minor differences!
      In reality it’s like a fun cameo 😀

      • Cane Jackson

        I see, nice job of the artwork By the way X3

  • TheLulzyHunter

    A cute and amusing way to open up, Hayakain. ^^

  • Steven

    Nice BoF2 reference.

    • hayakain

      What is it? I actually have no intended refs in this!

      • MysticJanus

        I think he’s referencing the tavern owner’s name. In Breath of Fire 2, Yua is the name of Ryu’s little sister.

        • hayakain

          Oh :O I never actually played BOF2, I played 3 and 4 though Happy coincidence! 😀

          • Steven

            Yup, that’s exactly what I meant. MysticJanus beat me to it ?