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  • TheLulzyHunter

    Awkward situation to walk in on mostly naked……

    • hayakain

      yep but it’s a long shirt! As long as she doesn’t suddenly decide to do jumping jacks, she’ll be alright!

      • TheLulzyHunter

        You got it, man. LOL

  • Donte Bell

    I like this new format

  • Cane Jackson

    Oh boy, he is going to be one of those guys

  • Aden

    I cant stand that guy xP

  • Wolf2125

    I hope this doesn’t make a d-bag but I really, really can’t stand Shoga. His attitude really gets on my nerves. I understand his friend got hurt but there’s no excuse for him acting like an a-hole.

  • KeyBlade_Master
    • hayakain

      pat pat!

  • ShadyWolf120

    I will say one thing that is off topic: You can’t hide the eye candy forever hayakain.

  • Belmontzar

    I think I kinda prefer the other style, its unique and special for the comic. Though this is the format im more used to online.
    id say use both depending on the situation.

    Also its interesting that the scar goes all the way through her body.