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  • ShadyWolf120

    Why is there a big breasted Kitty clone there? Are they related?

    • hayakain

      Different facial markings than Kitty, but it IS a Nekokai, and the rest you’ll have to wait to see : D

  • Cane Jackson

    He has a collecting of corpse, I’m freaking out right now O.o

  • TheLulzyHunter

    Oh dear, this is not good….
    I hope there is a way to reverse this process….

  • KeyBlade_Master
    • hayakain

      Ruh Roh!

  • Wolf2125

    Please tell me that isn’t 🌹 on that table?

    • hayakain

      It is Rose sadly D:

      • Wolf2125


  • Dark NavareWise The Origin Of

    Edo Tensei

    • hayakain

      uhh nani?