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  • Night-X

    First battle scars to remember.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    Glad she is alright.

  • Calebbelyeu1

    Good to know she’s still okay

  • Cane Jackson

    I’m so happy she is alive ^w^ T.T

  • Belmontzar

    YAY FOR TASHA!! -happy dances-

  • DNMZ

    Oh… yea she is good, very good. Heh part of me wonders why she is completely naked and doesn’t have a bandage or something like that at least. But then I’m like mmm she is naked and we are so close to seeing the full picture. That one panel gives a nice view of her thights… bet being between would be something. Wonder if Teo will ever get the chance to find out ? Hehe

    • hayakain

      Probably naked due to the full body check-up she had to go through to make sure she was fully intact after Sunzo uses Life power to keep her from bleeding out!

  • ocbrad1

    Glad to see she’s relatively ok. Very creative use of the bed frame to avoid exposing her private bits, but I’m not gonna lie…I wouldn’t be too upset if it wasn’t there.

    • hayakain

      Thank u! The bed frame thing was a no brainer really 😀