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  • Cane Jackson

    Nooooo that Dick, why X(

  • Katakumo

    First rule of villainy!
    If you have more than one hostage, kill one at a time to keep your bargaining chips on the table!
    Now you have nothing else to use to ‘ask’ for the Tebukuro!

    • Dotzrus

      I thought first rule of villainy was to catch a good guy on the run.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    I hope Teo can use his abilities to save them…..

  • KeyBlade_Master

    Guessing by Claude’s personality, this could either be just a way to make Teo mad for some reason? Or maybe it is just a plan to…honestly…I have no idea! This could lead to a funeral or some really unsuspected twist.

    • hayakain

      Thank you 😀

  • Bizkit

    If any of the three die, I don’t think I can read this anymore. I hate it when good guys die for pointless reasons. Now, if they were to die fighting or something like that, I might have been able to accept that.

    • hayakain

      I hope you stay tuned, I find your insights interesting 😀

  • Sonicrailin Discordian

    Hmmm . . . I’m not sure of all the abilities or powers related to Death elements . . . but if it’s anything like Necro and Emotional type powers . . . the more they kill, the more dangerous the Death Element could become . . . Loss of life feeding the Death Element user and his weapon, making them stronger as well as stoking his anger and fury which magnify the offensive potential . . . also, what one Death Element user might reanimate, a stronger user could strip away . . . just some observations