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The Third Truth have some plans in the works.

Hey guys, just an FYI, in order to keep up with all the other work I do and to update Ryugou pages on a more consistent basis, subsequent pages will be shorter than they have been on the regular. This allows me to keep the comic updated more consistently, and put my best work into each page. Thanks for understanding, and when there IS more time/money available to put towards this, there will be more extras and the odd longer page as well. Thanks again!


  • TheLulzyHunter

    Is a reveal coming up……?

  • Cane Jackson

    oh my

  • Meme Master James

    What if Canaan is somehow Teo’s dad. I know it’s typed but he is the only one without a revealed face? And he was gone for 8 years without warning. We barley know anything about Teo’s father.