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  • Wolf2125

    I really don’t like Shoga one bit.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    I feel a reveal is coming up…..

  • Cane Jackson

    oh wow, this is getting interesting

  • Jacob Oswalt

    Honestly, i’my with Teo on this. They can all rot. Teo and his….sister? Are in just as much danger as anywhere else, might as well do what he wants.

  • Scarlet

    I don’t want to be rude but I noticed that it’s taking much longer to upload this is something going on

    • hayakain

      You aren’t being rude, just been a lot of real life crap happening! It will update soon!

      • Scarlet

        Thanks! I really think your comic is awesome so I really would like to know what happens.

  • Emlyn

    I like this comic i looking forward to the next page.

    • hayakain

      Thanks, me too 😀

  • Argent

    Y’know. When you first announced you were restarting the comic, I was a bit annoyed. I was already kind of liking the path you’d been taking. But looking back now, this was definitely the right decision. The characters are much more relatable and the plot is more interesting. Good job, hayakain.