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  • TheLulzyHunter

    A bombshell is likely about to be dropped on Teo very soon…….

  • Jahmir White

    Shoga is really pissed off at Teo right now.

  • Flafty

    Admittedly, Shoga has a point.

  • Cane Jackson

    Shoga, Chill the F down

  • Eboreg2 .


    You’re an ass!

  • Robert Berger

    As Much as Shoga has a point. He also doesn’t get that Teo didn’t ask for any of this. If anthing It will be some what Safer there without him. However Teo also needs to learn that because he is apart of this that walking out isn’t an option. Unless Rohk assigned Shoga to help them. Witch would be the Ultimate F you to Shoga but I know that Shoga would agree that Teo and his sis cannot just be left either.