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  • Dotzrus

    Interesting how everyone there/dead is a non-human, Masked Man excluded for obvious secretive reasons. Glad to see a new page!

    • hayakain

      glad to have made one 😀

  • cooladelic

    Finally!!! Yaa, and Nooo, I actually liked them. Shame really. The bunny seemed like a really nice guy.

    • hayakain

      Their story is not over! Stick around!

      • Belmontzar

        WOw im a but late :3 but imma guess that means that Teo maybe saved them in his sword? Sorta snagged thier spirits and now they can talk to him or something? I really liked the Tigeress, maybe we can see what happens when a reborn corpse regains its own soul. 😛 That would be interesting.

        Or bigger plot twist… they are not dead at all, Imean these are Expert mana students, maybe they are ‘playing’ dead or in a near death coma?

        Right now my LONG PLOT guess is that mask man boss dude is ACTUALLY the possesed body of Teo’s dad, with the actual soul stuck in the sword.
        Or maybe its Teo’s dad with the long running goal of being a bad guy to TEACH teo how to use the sword so that he can be brought back.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    This means the two will come back?

  • Alex Warlorn

    So their souls are now within the hero or his sword. And their corpses are going to be used as avatars for the collective consciousness of souls that make up Third Truth? Who are the first and second truth? Is there a forth truth?

    • hayakain

      The normal world recognizes only 2 truths, Life and Death. This group posits that there is another, which is the powers they possess!