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  • TheLulzyHunter

    Hmmmmmmmm……. Some new faces. Interesting………

    • Dibowac13

      Interesting indeed i think Shoga will act hotheaded when he sees his Cyril or he will hug him who knows

  • Dibowac13

    The moment i saw Cyril Shinra as the Fire Guardian i knew he was the older brother of Shoga Shinra and interesting story i love this comic awesome job on the artwork and great to see new characters in this comic and i already like Chou and Nyght

  • KeyBlade_Master

    Finding out he had a brother…

  • Robert Berger

    I have a question. Is Cyril blind or is his eye color grey or really light blue. I am really curious.

    • hayakain

      Cyril and Shoga both have white eyes, but they’re not blind 😀

      • Robert Berger

        Oh ok. I thought that would be the case but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for telling me.