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  • Alex Dixon


  • Schinkn

    Wow! Now it gets interesting! Looks like there is a collision of the light and the darkness, pretty cool! Also happy birthday buddeh! 😀 Hope you have some time to celebrate! 🙂

    • hayakain

      Thank you buddeh 😀 I appreciate it

      • Dibowac13

        Im late but happy b-day

    • Dibowac13


  • Anthony Delarosa

    epic! can’t wait and see what happens next! 😀

    • Anthony Delarosa

      hayakain, you sir a genius! It’s uncommon to find someone with such talent! Hope you take this comic to the very end.

      • hayakain

        You are far too kind 😀 Thank you buddeh 😀

  • Dotzrus

    Teo brought the light show to the birthday party!

    • Dibowac13


  • Cane Jackson

    So Teo has the Power of Darkness, this is going to be interesting

    • winger


  • Flafty

    Someone didn’t read the manual…

    • Dibowac13

      Sure didnt

  • Ichicora-Uzumaki

    I was expecting the whole cliche but always cool “affinity to all four” thing to happen

    • hayakain

      That’d be nice 😀 But nobody can have more than one 🙂

  • Takashi 816

    Is it Just me, or are one of those beams of light coming from his crotch?

    • hayakain

      Just you lol

  • Natalia

    Ah, this is one hell of a cliffhanger, Haya. I cannot wait for the next installment. Fantastic effects with the shadow eyes. This one was a very lovely page to look at. Gorgeous work! (Also, finally made an account /Nyght).

    • Dibowac13


  • This guy

    Sorry to ruin you inner monologue, but shits going down.

  • ocbrad1

    Killer artwork on this one! Is it all elements coming together? The truth elements? Something amplified by the sword? Digging it!