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  • BZDsentai

    Didn’t see that coming.

    • Shadowkey392

      NOONE sees the “Game of Thrones” treatment coming!

      • Belmontzar

        does that mean “Game of Thrones” treatment is related to the “spanish inquisition?”

        • Shadowkey392

          …maybe? *pictures GoT characters barging in shouting that*

          lol love that Monty Python skit!

  • John Plata

    Huh didn’t expect that but good riddence of that little bastard.

  • Shadowkey392


    • hayakain


  • TheLulzyHunter

    Well, that was not how I expected Skeev to go out, but I can’t say he did not have that coming.

    Great page and I am stoked for more. 😀

    • Dibowac13

      Same here.

  • Vawkis

    Well that’s how one deals with bugs, ya swat em!

  • Wolf2125


  • KitsuneOmega

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  • ShadowWolf120

    He can live up to this phrase “quick and clean”

  • KeyBlade_Master

    ~Head Metaphors~

    get out of your head
    blow your top
    bang your head against a brick wall
    on your own head be it
    get your head round it
    hot head
    egg head
    head and shoulders above
    make headway
    at loggerheads
    knock an idea on the head
    head strong
    bite your head off
    head over heals in love
    head in the sand
    lose your head
    clear head
    head of state
    a head start
    he faced it head on
    big headed
    like a bear with a sore head
    I couldn’t get her out of my head
    head in the clouds
    it went right (or way) over my head
    head out west
    round head
    head over to my place
    head of state / department etc
    need to get my head sorted out
    I need to get my head straight
    bite your head off
    got a heads up
    head shrinking
    keep your head above water
    hold one’s head high
    head hunted
    off the top of my head
    pick your brain
    blow your brains out
    no brainer
    brain box
    brain dump
    brain dead
    open mind
    the mind boggles
    out of sight, out of mind
    mind bending
    mind expanding
    splitting hairs
    a hair’s breadth between…
    tearing my hair out
    hairy situation
    bad hair day
    keep your hair on

  • Night-X

    Big month against a big guy who has one hit kills.

    • Argent


  • Freezer

    He died as he lived: Being an insufferable idiot.

  • Cane Jackson

    ok that was brutal, I know he is a pervy dickhead but, holy Shit that’s dark.

    • hayakain

      Is all sunshine and rainbows in Ryugou World eh lol

      • Belmontzar

        is it wrong that I burst out laughing when I first saw this page?
        Oh crap wait.. wasn’t TEO headed that way? o.o

      • Cane Jackson

        I was expecting the big guy to knock him out and send him flying, but Damn

  • Fargus Lien

    Oh he’s ded… Welp it was bound to happen anyways…

  • Dotzrus

    Man Skeev no need to lose your head- ohhhhh…

  • Graham Fluet

    Do they have the magic to fix that? No? Oh well, he was dead anyways once Kitty’s brother finds out what he did.

    • hayakain

      Lol Teo and Kitty are not related 🙂

      • Graham Fluet

        They are effectively adoptive brother and sister.

        • hayakain

          Well they have spent the last 8 years together. But they don’t see each other as brother and sister necessarily. Stick around 🙂

          • Belmontzar

            I probably read that wrong, but my first thought was George Takei saying ‘oh my’ ;P
            red Vs Blue Tucker: Bow chicka bow wow

  • Ichicora-Uzumaki

    Good riddance you annoying fucker

  • Timecapsule13

    And not a single tear was shed by the Ryugou fans.

  • Dibowac13

    Ok so the Grey Guy killed Skeev by his bare hands, well i did not expect him to go down like that welp.

    Oh well nice job on the Comic.

  • Eboreg2 .

    Can we put this guy in TVTropes under “Too stupid to live”?

  • Argent

    Now we all know that Skeev just wanted some head. Unfortunately for him, this is not the kind he had in mind. Too bad it was obvious his character was headed nowhere. Still, I imagine it’s a load off his shoulders.

    • TheLulzyHunter

      Austin Powers approves. 😉

    • Cane Jackson

      Please stop with the puns dude XD.

      • Argent

        Never. You can punish me all you want, but I will remain pundeterred. Also it’s a pundition. I must annoy everypun at least once per day. Punday through Friday.

  • Draven Donovan

    Off with his head!

  • Belmontzar

    well something certainly got laid down. And, is rolling around over there.
    hmm cant exactly leave it there.. kinda unsanitary.
    <__> he lines up the shot..
    -kicks it out the hole in the wall- AND ITS GOOD!!!

    [Sorry im a bit dark adn random at the moment 😛 -sings “wheres your head at” while cleaning up the hall-]
    Least we know one thing..
    Killing off a mage wont give ya thier magic ALLA highlander 😛 so thats good right?

  • KeyBlade_Master

    When skeeve lost his head I only had one reaction to this…

  • Robert Berger

    That isn’t the head I hoped he lose. But oh well. (A friend dared me to say this)

  • Xurato

    Oh so it’s this kind of comic. Alright!

    • hayakain

      yeah buddeh!

  • ocbrad1