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  • Night-X

    And there a reason why they sealed whatever god that mostly kill everything if it comes out again.

    • Alex Warlorn

      And the standard issue fantasy RPG cliche raises its head.
      “Hi, I’m the God Of Being Killed By The Protagonists… I sure get in a lot of work these days.”

  • TheLulzyHunter

    And she gets saved…

    I wonder if Bru died…?

    • Marxman1313

      Pretty sure he’s dead..
      Thing is I kinda liked bru..or atleast more then I did skeev

    • Eboreg2 .

      I’m sure he’ll get better…


      • Belmontzar

        sword has power of earth, maybe use power of life to heal bru? Or more likely to heal Kitty if she gets hurt. Its logical to guess that the sword contains all the elements.. so Teo just needs to be ‘triggered’ into each one.

    • Dibowac13

      Bru was somewhat ok i guess and that Sword swing has to be from Teo.

  • Cane Jackson

    What’s the big guys deal again

    this is getting intensed

  • Belmontzar

    TEO WITH THE BACKSTAB!! that last pannel said “slash” thats gotta be Teo and the black blade.

  • KeyBlade_Master

    Bru is fine, Kitty is maybe gonna die, and I will become more powerful then you can possibly imagine… ಠ_ಠ

  • Alex Warlorn

    And it sounds like the big guy has a justified reason to be ticked off.

  • Robert Berger

    I really hope Bru survived. He is doesn’t deserve dieing after showing he actuly has a bit of morality and is smarter then mister no head now.