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  • Dark NavareWise The Origin Of

    No Teo didn’t get that pussy.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    She did not die……..
    …….Did she……?


    • Dibowac13

      I hope not bro.

  • angeloflife00101

    She had such a cute curvy body and big plump butt as well.

    I think she will not die, I bet he will save her with his death power.

  • Dotzrus

    Will Teo go Super Saiyan now and wish her back with the Dragon Balls XD

    • Dotzrus

      Found out on the next chapter of Ryugou Ball Z!!

  • Cane Jackson

    NOooooooooooo,Not Tasha X( 🙁

  • Cane Jackson

    No Tasha, I wanted to see more of her in the heroes adventures.

    It feels like Game of Thrones or Akuma Ga Kill, and I hate those shows :(.

    • Ichicora-Uzumaki

      Akuma ga kill was good, more for realists

      • Cane Jackson

        true, but I hardly learn nothing about the characters, they just meet a new character and then death.

        the action and story was Epic and Awesome but still.

  • Infernus

    I can see it, the dead shells leave, Teo is crying holding Tasha, he somehow heals her, and Bam! They decide then is the best time to have a lovey dovey scene.

  • Shadowkey392

    And the “GoT treatment” strikes again!

  • ocbrad1