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  • TheLulzyHunter

    The suspense is building even more now.

  • Cane Jackson

    the suspense is killing me

  • Ulises Muñoz

    such sexy guy wasted on evil side :c

  • Belmontzar

    the question is, is the man in black really evil, or one of those twisted JRPG protagonists that need to break the world in order to fix it. After all there are plenty of times in games where the past protagonist is hated later down the line because thier ‘solution’ cause a whole new set of future problems. After all its not like the Great elemental mages of the tower have been doing anything up to this point.

    • hayakain

      An excellent question : D

      • Belmontzar

        Well its just, the more Evil vibes or the more “He is evil.” I read the more I wonder if the dude is, in fact, evil. Don’t get me wrong he started a chain that’s caused some really bad stuff, but the reasoning and motivation could be plenty justified. HELL he could just simply be a normal person, who was Mad about the Masters abandoning the world, so he ran around made a bad ass sword JUST for the purpose of beating them up. Like plenty of the aforementioned jrpg story protagonists. So while the story is being told, and they are being told the dude is evil, and the sword is (probably) evil.. the real question is… are they? Or is it just perceptions?

        as a side thought in response to the Sword itself… since its not stated he Forged it, just that it caught the attention of the masters, so its just as possible that the Masters or the people before the masters made it.
        (or its the heart of the world itself.)

  • Sonicrailin Discordian

    Good and Evil can be so blurred . . . what some see as evil, others see as good and visa versa. What seems and feels good at the moment, later appears bad upon reflection . . . and again on the reverse.

    For me, letting the devil loose to cleanse the land of the corrupt and unneeded is good move . . . so long as only the desired targets are dealt with and collateral damage is minimal. In all stories, both fantasy and real, the two factors that steer the nature of people on the whole are “Pain” and “Fear” . . . Pain to open their eyes to the need to change, and Fear to warn what happens if the path isn’t followed.

    Later generations might condemn the events later, but as long as the worst of results are prevented, one can live with a little ridicule from the foolish and blind.

    So I’m curious about what this fellow is driving for.