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  • Tatsurou

    …oh my god…
    The Ryugou can let Teo raise the dead by killing, can’t it? He can use it to take someone’s life energy and give it to someone at Death’s door to save them when normal healing options wouldn’t work?

  • TheLulzyHunter

    Tasha is still hanging on for dear life. As for Teo, I hope his back did not get broken….

  • Timecapsule13

    So the sword channels the four elements and can control Life and Death… Huh.

    • hayakain

      Not exactly 😀 We will see what is meant soon, I think 😀

  • Cane Jackson

    this is getting intense

    you know how to make a good story, you so awesome.

    • hayakain

      You are too kind 😀

      • Cane Jackson

        you are welcome XD

  • Jacob Oswalt

    Or if he actually influences death, and sees it as an actual flow or substance that he can control, he could “halt” the flow of death from going to or from her, thus keeping her from dying, pretty damn good way to make yourself feasibly immortal, if not forever young, unless he realizes that aging is the degradation, or “deatb” of cells, and controls that to? Than he’d be immortal and forever young. As would anybody he chooses, unless he has to be in close proximity to them for it to work well?

  • Shadowkey392

    Ahh, I wondered if she had actually been killed…

  • ShadowWolf120

    life comes death then death comes the “mysterious third truth”.

  • Spikes

    I’m laying good money on her dying, being reanimated as an enemy, then chasing him around and blaming him for her death.

  • Infernus


    • hayakain

      Naw, one of the dead shells did 😀

      • Infernus

        Close enough 😛