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  • MrKTE

    OOooooooohhh! This is getting interesting! :3

  • Hunter Garrett

    What’s Saam’s gender anyway?

    • Hunter Garrett

      Is this type of scenario with Kitty going to happen a lot?

      • hayakain

        She’ll have other uses that don’t involve taking her clothes off lol

    • hayakain

      No one knows :O

  • Eboncaster

    i bet Saam is a girl, i remember a concept art done by you a while back that does match.

    • hayakain

      Interesting guess 😀 but concepts are concepts 😀

  • Cane Jackson

    It looks like Kitty is getting an upgrade Awesome XD

    amazing job

  • Schinkn

    I am interested if the test is positive, cool stuff as always 😀

  • Dotzrus

    I knew the picture to our right would be thrown in this some way.

    • hayakain

      Very good 😀

  • KiTA

    What is the yellow/green symbol that looks like a cross? It’s not on the left hand side by is on the necklace, and I don’t think he mentions it?

    • hayakain

      That is the Life Stone. 🙂

      Saam: “The Life Stone on the necklace will serve as a link between the powers and the necklace, and, if you have a sleeping elemental affinity, it will be awoken.” Panel 7.
      The elements are secondary to the truths of Life and Death, as Rohk explains here:

  • Hunter Garrett

    By the way can you rely this question to Kitty: Kitty, are comfortable with working for Hayakain when it comes to these fanservice scenes?

  • Hunter Garrett

    Do you have enough fan art to put up the “fan art” section on the site?

  • Hunter Garrett

    Also I think there’s the possibility Saam is either a guy or a gay (or bisexual) girl. The clue is in the panel where Kitty “questions” if he-or-she and Saam’s hand is shaking as it rests on the edge of the stone balcony.

    • Dibowac13

      Nah hes or she is just mad about meaning alot of people ask him/her

    • Simulator9000

      Or if Saam was half-male and half-female. XD

  • Anthony Delarosa

    I’m curious in witch element kitty gets 😀

  • This guy

    I fail to see the point in the censors

  • Dibowac13

    Damn this is getting interesting