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  • Night-X

    And I notice they’re all cats in this one.

    • hayakain

      various felines, at least 😀

      • Night-X

        Too much various can make lot of unwanted fighting.

        • hayakain


          • Night-X

            Yeahhhh? When having over 5 cats it’s like a war zone of catfighters here.

          • Dotzrus

            Too many cats means we need to call in animal police for cat hoarding 😛

          • Night-X

            Think having 5 cats was bad. Try giving them way is the hardest thing and not joking when find people that want them then they just disappear like they know they’re going away.

          • TheLulzyHunter

            Hibara and Rose look very alike, down to the same hair color and eyes. Are they by any chance related in some way? I am curious…

          • hayakain

            You are correct, they’re siblings 😀 shes his annoying little sister. This will be confirmed later 😀

      • Dibowac13

        Can we have some wolfs and dogs and foxes?

  • Tatsurou

    I like Tasha. She’s cute and soft spoken.

  • AnimeLover12

    Teo looks badass he looks like he could kick someones ass in a sec

  • Schinkn

    Finally! The training starts, nobody is wondering why he wears black clothed besides Kitty xD I’m excited how this training session will turn out^^ Excellent new page and a really motivated Saam you got here!

  • Hunter Garrett


  • Cane Jackson

    Teo looks amazing in his new outfits

    plus New Characters looks great

  • Akira

    huh. I didn’t realize there were other Disciples there too. I figured it was some secluded temple where the masters honed their skills and taught anyone who had the potential to be a warrior like in Kenichi or kung fu panda. This ought to be interesting considering Teo is the only male student there as far as we know

  • Kristoffer Brandberg

    … Sorry, but Teo and Tasha kinda became my new OTP. I don’t know why, but I find them cute together and like how their colors of their fur would clash to one and the other. I admit that it is WAY too early to call it OTP when there’s hardly any interactions between the two yet, but here’s for hoping~.

    • hayakain

      Ya never know…:)

      • TheLulzyHunter

        What about Kitty and Hibara? LOL XD

        • Dibowac13


          • Robert Berger

            I see it too. The’re personalty clash too. Like Teo is intelligent when he wants to and a dunce the rest of the time. Tasha is quite and soft hearted. And that is just some of each of there traits.

      • Dibowac13

        Lol indeed

  • Xurato

    Not so intimidating now