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  • Tatsurou

    Teo just took a level in badass.
    And Tasha has upgraded from interested to smitten. 😛

    • hayakain

      Well it HAS been a month 😀

      • Tatsurou

        In that case, she’s just upgraded from smitten to twitterpated.

  • Argent

    NEXT TIME! ON DRAGON BALL Z!… O wait, sorry. Just a habit seeing all the rocks and stuff rise whenever someone gets serious.

    Can’t wait to see how Kitty’s already going to have saved Teo the trouble.

  • HunterWolf666

    Tasha looks a bit scared when Tea sword strikes the ground

    • Argent

      Well it is literally a “giant sword of death.”

  • Hank “Seventh Skull” D

    That last word bubble makes me so very happy!

    I find myself hoping that it is a massive understatement…

    • Dibowac13