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  • Cane Jackson

    What is Kitty Wearing O.O, and How can it fit her O.o?

    • hayakain

      Something she brought from home looks like! She’s not the most modest. Let’s not forget she spent 8 years with just teo in the woods so she probably doesn’t realize the social graces she’s missing! 😀

      • Timecapsule13

        From what I can tell, those uhm.. shorts?? (I’m gonna call them shorts for lack of a better term.) are the ones from the background picture of the website.. though she is quite topless in there so I can only guess that at some point her wardrobe will dwindle down to just those shorts. I mean it already looks like that.. uhm.. vest, bra.. top?? Is a literal heavy breath away from breaking anyways.

      • Cane Jackson


  • TheLulzyHunter

    In the words of a well known YouTube reviewer, “TIME FOR BACKSTORY!”

  • Jahmir White

    Time for a Flashback!

  • Belmontzar

    “Good morning protagonists, before you go and stab things with the magical sword, imma tell you its special back story, and why it will probably get you killed later on. Sit down kiddos, its time for Exposition!”

    ‘Master what happened last night? and where is Master Hibara?’

    “ShHh hes telling the protagonist important information about the clearly cursed evil sword he is using.”
    ‘Dammit I thought the hotness of his companion would over ride the clearly evil death sword.’
    “This is a Web comic not a Square-enix game.”
    ‘so im assuming time is gonna stop for a while… lets go have snacks.’
    “Dibs on the nachos!”

    • hayakain

      Do more of these plz, they’re funny : D