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  • Wolf2125

    The bandits in the 4th panel are the kind of scum I’d love to beat the tar out of.

    No offense, Hayakain.

    • hayakain

      None taken, you’re absolutely right! The world is not a nice place in Ryugou.

      • Wolf2125

        You ain’t kidding

      • Jahmir White

        It has the same problems we’ve dealth with in real life

  • TheLulzyHunter

    So basically, it was pure hell…..

  • Cane Jackson

    those poor people 🙁

  • Tatsurou

    uh…if the poor couple have barely enough food to survive on…how is she so curvy?

    • hayakain

      Naturally thicc! Kidding. These 2 haven’t entered starvation mode just yet, they seem to be early victims.

      • Tatsurou

        Ah, I see. That makes sense.

  • Belmontzar

    “Hey uh guys, the world is kinda ending, Shouldn’t we use our magic powers to, Oh I dunno.. help them out?”
    ‘nah they are fine. Its not like its Fluffy Fallout out there or anything.They can wait, we got a tower to build’
    -One Fluffy Fallout and tower building later-
    “Hey uh Guys, that world were supposed to protect is kinda dying.. we should really do something about that.”
    ‘Meh sure, might as well right? Though I was sure stuff would be more interesting around here.’
    “Yeah because alot happens in a place called the Worlds End.”
    ‘….. your a real D*** some times ya know that?’
    -one rant later-
    ‘ya done?’
    “-pant pant- yeah I guess so…”
    ‘good cause the page is over and this comment is getting long.’
    “SON OF A B-“

  • Tatsurou

    Why was panel 4 edited?

    • hayakain

      Got some hefty critical feedback about it, and I realized that the fanservice aspect was overpowering the point of the panel.