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  • Wolf2125


    I can only imagine the pain the girl with Sunzo is feeling. I know things for Hibara aren’t gonna go well.

  • MrUnknowm

    I think… that is the first time that i see you drawn a female Human character… at least in this comic.

  • TheLulzyHunter

    Hibara is going to be dedicated to fighting for justice for her, now.

  • Cane Jackson

    its sad to see 🙁

  • Aden

    This is so tragic to see 🙁 it’s like you can actually feel the pain from all these characters suffering for their losses.

  • Dark NavareWise The Origin Of


  • Rose Kazumi

    Remember in an earlier chapter of this comic where it was said Kitty and Teo’s species of living beings are not treated well by humans? Though in the original run of this comic, Kitty actually lost her tail due to abusive humans. Then the comic got rebooted and we have this whole comic instead. I honestly never got to read the old one. I just heard from others (including the writer of this comic themself) of what happened in the original Ryugou comic.

    • hayakain

      Yep, that version is long gone lol

  • Shadowkey392

    Is that a snow leopard in panel 3? She cute!