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  • Alex Dixon


  • Flafty

    o/` Here comes Teo in black… o/`

  • Cane Jackson

    I’m a bit confuse, what is Teo’s power

    by the way this is amazing

    • hayakain

      Thanks 😀 His power isn’t certain yet, he has no element (Sky, Fire, Frost or Earth) But he does seem to have an affinity for Death. What this means so far is unclear 😀

      • Cane Jackson

        I see thanks, can’t wait to see what happens next

      • Cane Jackson

        ok then thanks

  • Natalia

    Hmm, I was thinking it was going to be something like this. Interesting to see it implemented. His color should be clear. He must wear nothing. :I

    • Dibowac13

      No black and white

  • winger

    so do i win the award for calling it

    • winger

      and this sound like is going to be fun

  • Dotzrus

    I thought he would either get dark or all the elements, based on the black clothes he is wearing in the picture at the top right of the website. (I see these things)

    • hayakain

      The elements are: Fire, Frost, Earth, and Sky. The Two Truths are Life and Death. People only normally have elemental powers, but something’s up with Teo here for sure!

  • Schinkn

    Finally (after a new password) I can comment! Wow, he got the Truth Death, really interesting, thought he get out of it with a normal affinity, but that’s much cooler. Now I understand the outfit of him in the Ryugou Banner and the outfit in the Ryugou Teaser/Trailer image! I’m really interested what abilities he got with his “awakening”, good page and a awesome chapter! Let’s see what happens next 😀


  • Spikes

    I get the sneaking suspicion that if Sunzo and Teo put their powers together they could PROPERLY resurrect someone.

    • Dibowac13


  • Shadowkey392

    Aaaaand he’s now about 5 times more awesome than he was before.

  • Ignatian Mystic



    …You’re turning Teo into a f**king Shinigami. WAT.

    • hayakain

      A shinigami you say???

  • Kaleem McIntyre

    Death Affinity Perk:
    Natural Immunity to Status Ailments!
    Darkness Affinity +5!
    Able to Hear the Whispers of the Death!
    Able to Sense the recent passing of an individual!
    Luck Decreases by 35%~!

    • Robert Berger

      When did this become an RPG. Huh, the whole afinity thing would make a good RPG thing. Oh well. I can’t wait to see more.

  • Dibowac13

    Great story

  • Dibowac13

    Great art great story

  • Dibowac13

    Great characters

  • ocbrad1

    Oooo, I guessed kinda right! But will Teo be a good death steward, or an evil one? I’m rooting for good, with a hint of sneaky fun.