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  • Schinkn

    Wow, he killed them coldly. So they build up a army of undead people. Wow there is something going on here which will cause much trouble in the future…I’m excited already, excellent new page! 🙂

    • Dibowac13

      Much Naruto Shippuden

      • hayakain

        what about Naruto? : o

        • Dibowac13

          The war arc with the re-animated people and war thingy 😛

  • Azraile Kiras

    It seams to me he killed them to apply fresh blood to his mask. Apparently to be connected to the sword/dark god that symbol needs to be blood from a freshly killed person. >.< Means he is killing a LOT of people to keep that thing all glowy

    • Dibowac13

      Yeah like 100 a day

  • Cane Jackson

    that bastard killed them No!!, I feel sorry for the family,
    You just made this chapter start off real dark.

    amazing comic though

  • Dotzrus

    I give you credit, it takes balls to make something where a child is killed. It’s a sign that this comic means business, and I like that it has that strong sense of realism, and lack of a sugar coating.

  • Ichicora-Uzumaki

    My heart :'(

  • Natalia

    Holy crap, man. This takes a lot of guts as a story teller to do, and you did it. Now I can /really/ hate this guy. Urg, I very much look forward to the next page.

  • Ignatian Mystic

    Okay. That does it.

    *pulls out and begins sharpening Grim Reaper Scythe*

    That f**ker’s going down.

  • Hunter Garrett

    Who is this guy?

  • Night-X

    Well to make a evil monster need to have make them with evil deeds.

  • Dibowac13

    Strong realism its is gonna be some real stuff

  • Robert Berger

    Me: Killing because he sees himself more powerful then everyone else.
    Pain: All shall know Pain.
    Me: AHHHH. Where did you come from.
    Pain: The more your bring me up the more I will appear.
    Me: Ok. Leave. I would rather have my house untouched thank you. (Pain dispers) Huh. It usually isn’t that easy. oh well.